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​For an authentic Hunting experence give Great Nebraska Hunting  a try.

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Pheasant and quail is what we do the best.  In the controlled hunting season we hunt 500 acres, but during regular hunting season we hunt 2,000.

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Upland Bird

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Our farm becomes yours during your hunt at GNH .  Hunt packages include lodging at Nature's Rural Retreat right on site.

Did you know...
Nature's Rural Retreat is a great option for family vacations outside of the hunting season?

Check it out here.

​    ​​ ​​​​ Eustis, Nebraska

Turkey hunting is some of the most fun we have.  I admire the hunters for there dedication to the sport.  Games and parks tell me that our type is a hybrid mix of Merriam and Rio.  These birds show great vigor.

Our deer population has been stable for many years with Mule making a great come back of about 50 percent of the population.