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‚ÄčGreat Nebraska Hunting

Great Nebraska was started in 2006, by our neighbor, Arlo,  and at that point, we remodeled the home, where I grew up, to house hunters.  A few years after that, we took over the business and hunted wild birds until the drought of 2012 forced us to begin stocking birds.  Since then we have concentrated on building the best habitat possible and supplementing pheasant, but not quail.  We work closely with our area NRCS biologists and our local Quail Forever Chapter to make effective changes on our land.  We also use creative management of cropping practices, including cover crops, to enhance our hunting habitat.  Our business caters to what I consider real people (and their dogs)  to provide a real and somewhat traditional hunting experience.   The majority  of our hunters are repeat customers, and some of them come more than once a year. That tells me we are on the right track.  We customize the hunting to the hunters as best we can, but can never make it easy! I've tried!  We are in the hunting business to justify our love of conservation and meet many special people. If this sounds like the sort of experience for which you are looking, please contact us.

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